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The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ trailer is here and get ready for a lot of Megan Fox.  

I think it issss.. We had to have won that game and every other game, because I think only top 2 of each group go through :(((((

Man, I’m sorry. If I could keep George Bailey around, I would. You’ll always have the Ashes tho. And there is the World Cup in a few months!! Hope yet to get out of group stages at some point! That should be great! If anything, rebuilding test and ODI domination should come as a priority. That how I feel about the West Indies. I can only savor these victories so much until I think about all the work they still have to do in all the other disciplines. Oh well. Good game tho, buddy. It’s always tight between the Windies and Oz (limited overs-wise). Love it.

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Poor Bails, (March 28, 2014)


Let me love you.

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Striking Stacy-Ann.
Ah so close.
Forever sad… We can no longer make it out of groups!!!

:(((((((( No no, it isn’t over. (right…..?) 

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We were pumped up for this match. Good to see Faulkner bowl the last over.

Darren Sammy, post-match. #dead

And you know the best thing about this, the character of those guys as they are celebrating, and dancing, and getting all kinds of boogie with it after pulling a W out of gosh knows where, they’ll move on to the next match, not think about Faulkner ever again, because they’ve proven their point (and given me a mild anxiety attack in doing so). Anyway….yeah….lol, this was a good bit of fun for me…the way everything unfolded: 12 from 6. Sammy up to bat. Faulkner comes in. Two dots….can. they. make. it.

Anyway, keep winning dudes. If it means I’ll be bald from pulling my hair out during those matches, then so be it!

hahahahaha. You gone and pissed off the wrong cricket team. Good game kiddos. Bailey, honey, why’d you go and give Faulkner that last over… -_-

On the phone with my sis as she gives me the post match hype.

That’s how you reply to some sledging.

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