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David Beckham to start MLS franchise in Miami
CNN: David Beckham confirmed Wednesday he will launch a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami. 
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I guess word got out about doing a Becks a day post.

Adidas Originals MLS Capsule Collection.

Meanwhile, Adidas wants my money.



Real Salt Lake banner in regards to their club stamping down on swearing. 


I just got blind sided by the Clint Dempsey news.

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Taylor Twellman’s get-up for this MLS game is dapper. Shame about the shirt and tie ensemble but eh….to each his own. Still, his hair….on point.

Anyway, should be an interesting game….if I can stay awake for it.

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Pride not prejudice #rctid

*slow clap*


Take two takes the Montréal Impact closer to its identity

By Matthieu Labaudinière, a French Bostonian based in Montréal. Quotes collected by Eric Beard.

“This is a cosmopolitan city, a much more European city than most North American cities… we are playing in a way that’s more similar to what people would like to have, looking more like Europe. I think [Impact] Montréal is reflecting a lot about what Montréal is. The team is reflected also because we are [composed of] Americans, Canadians, Europeans. Hopefully we can continue to represent Montréal very well.” - Patrice Bernier, a Québécois midfielder for the Montréal Impact.

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The Real Theater of Dreams

When talking about soccer, we all have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed by transfer budgets, sponsorship contracts and wage allowances. The modern game is one dominated by a never-ending news cycle that’s difficult to avoid; one in which is cynicism has a certain inevitability. But while FIFA officials and fascist fans conspire to drag us down, soccer remains a children’s game; a fact that was made clear in Portland this afternoon.

Teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation, the Portland Timbers gave 8-year old Atticus Lane-Dupre, who was diagnosed with Cancer last fall, a moment in the spotlight. Alongside teammates from his local youth soccer side, the Green Machine, Atticus was invited to Jeld-Wen Field for a scrimmage in front of more than 3,000 fans against a group of select players from the Timbers starting eleven.

Backed by flares, signs and a variety of G-rated chants, the Green Machine took down the Timbers 9-8, with four goals coming by way of Atticus himself. Don’t let the television coverage or blogs fool you: the heart of soccer emanated from the Pacific Northwest today.

Check out the photos below and let me know whether it’s just me, or if the AFR headquarters are especially dusty this afternoon. [Posted by Maxi]

My my, Mr. Porter.


Show me your colors.

Portland Timbers vs  San Jose Earthquakes. April 14, 2013


Photography: Doug Pensinger/Getty