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Trevor Noah special. :)

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Bob Costas quotes Ludacris lyrics as only Bob Costas can.

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:) You’re not lame, you just need to watch all 120 episodes of it. Do you like Sting?

Yes, even ‘Desert Rose’ Sting.

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Do you like the Twilight Zone?

I have never actually watched a whole episode. I do like what I know of it though.

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 abkmaverick said: 

Trini Pride. Let’s eat some doubles.

You get the doubles. I’ll take the dhal puri and buss up shut………….now I’m hungry.


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Tendulkar is no Ponting….I don’t mean skill-wise. But idk the mannerisms, and the way he carried himself and the leadership

No, no, you’re right. I was trying to make a humorous reference, but we all know I’m terrible at those! Haha. But yeah, Ponting is pretty much the cat’s flannel pajamas.

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This is really cool. Already miss him :(


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“Root dug in” AHAHAHAHAH get it? :P


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abkmaverick replied to your postabkmaverick replied to your photo: Carles :)…

Did you watch the fight?

Nope. This has been a sportless set of days for me. Which reminds me, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.

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abkmaverick replied to your photo: Carles :) Getty
Ah, it’s nice to see you show some love to a player from a team of class.

Hahaha. I pretty much draw my line at Carles.

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And they lost on Turkey Day too :(((

Once again: least you’re not a Jets fan :)

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»abkmaverick said: That last hashtag was not nice and un-needed :P

Aww. I was seriously asking; I thought I saw DAL on the screen behind me at the bar. But they played on Turkey day so it couldn’t have been them.

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